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Outdoor Trimless Channel Letters –BRAZZ Specialties, Inc. has developed a new Outdoor Trimless Pan Channel Letter product line to give our customers a competitive advantage. Our Outdoor Trimless Letters are priced to compete with standard trim cap channel letters.

Faces – Durable 3/8" acrylic faces in white and red acrylic. Thicker acrylic for a stronger letter. 


Returns –  Letter returns are built like a traditional pan channel letter in standard 3" or 5" depths. Come in a variety of standard coil colors.

Easier Installation and Repair – Installer have found the new BRAZZ Outdoor Trimless letters to be a breeze to install. The installation is just like a traditional trim cap letter with the faces attached with tech screws into a poly-carbonate clip.

Longer Lasting Signage – Trim cap wears out fast we solved that by eliminating the trim cap all together and incorporating a 3/8" thick face. 


UL Recognized!

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