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Innovation Award Winning –Trimless Pan Channel Letters give our customers a competitive advantage.

High-Impact Signage – Trimless Pan Channel Letters are available in a variety of heights enabling a highly customizable look and the ability to do low-profile, contemporary designs.

Increased Profitability –  In addition to selling these attractive, high quality letters for a premium, customers will also save money by eliminating the labor and material required by the trim cap process.

Pre-painted materials – Trimless Pan Channel Letters coil comes pre-painted in white & black.

Easier Installation and Repair – Patent-pending EasyClip™ system, simplifies installation of Trimless

LetterForm channel letters. Simply attach the back panel to the wall and snap the face/return assembly onto the EasyClips which are riveted to the back panels. EasyClips are hidden inside the return after assembly is complete. If a letter requires service, rather than removing countless screws, simply snap off the face/return assembly, complete the repair, and snap it back into place.

Longer Lasting Signage – While achieving a more attractive, modern appearance, our adhesive sealed Trimless technology eliminates the unsightly, weak link in the chain which is trim cap. As everyone knows, trim cap typically fades, cracks and peels after brief exposure to the elements making it necessary to replace the face of the channel letter. Now, this inconvenience and expense is a thing of the past!  UL Recognized!

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